The Author

My name is Nicolette O. Oladipo. Last name: O-la-dee-po. Not O-la-dey-po, or O-la-pi-do...or O-la-pi-po (I get those all. the. time.)

Yes, my initials are N.O.O.

I am a 26-year-old prolific writer and reader from Houston, TX who lived in Taipei, Taiwan for three years. Currently, I live in Shenzhen, China and work as a university English lecturer. I graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Political Science and Chinese Studies, in addition to a minor in History. Soon after graduating, I received my certification in TESOL, and now hold a Master's in the same subject.

I am also a hard-core foodie who enjoys trying a wide variety of cuisines as well as cooking them. I really like choudoufu or stinky tofu (臭豆腐), hence the url of this blog (which actually will be changed in the near future). To compensate for the occasional day where I eat half my body weight, I enjoy a good run or tour on my bicycle.

Occasionally, you might find me sewing. While I will not be seen on Project Runway any time soon, I am quite proud of my collection of homemade ankara skirts.

I also enjoy language learning (i.e., Chinese and Japanese), and study between one and three hours per day, but my Chinese intonation isn't the best and my Japanese is pretty restricted to listening and reading. Nonetheless, I will get better someday. I also love to travel in order to test my linguistic abilities while seeking adventure. On less eventful days, I am content with reading a good book, writing, or wasting time on YouTube.

For questions or business inquiries, please use the contact form. Or, you may add me on any platform under "Follow me" on the left side of your screen. Also, please donate to my travel fund through the button on the right if you can; every cent helps!

我的名字是Nicolette Oladipo (O-la-di-pou)。我是從美國來的女生,今年26歲。我現在住在深圳,當大學英文講師。在大學我的專業是政治跟中國文化學,副修是歷史。我有一個英文教學碩士(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; TESOL)。我住在台灣了三年了。我今年搬回來美國,但是我很想在國外住。



  1. Hi, I'm glad to have found your blog. There is almost nothing about the black female experience in Taiwan! I am thinking about moving to Taiwan and I have a simple question: what do you do for hair products? Is there anything available, including hairdressers? I assumed I'd be on my own and plan on ordering products from amazon etc. Any info on this would be appreciated. Currently my hair is natural/transitioning but I'm open to anything really.

    1. Sorry for the late response!

      There's not much here, certainly not hairdressers! You'll have to bring enough hair supplies for as long as you're thinking of staying, but you can find a lot of organic stores that sell a variety of oils. Regular grocery stores sell coconut oil, but it is expensive.

  2. Hi Nicolette,

    Thank you for posting! I am an AfroAmerican female and just moved to Kaohsiung. I would love to meet up with other brown people living in Taiwan. I plan to visit Taipei in the coming months and would love to say hey! In Kaohsiung I have yet to see any other AfroAmericans. Have you met any where you're at?
    Hope to connect with you and anyone else reading this!

    1. Hello there!

      I do encounter some Africans and African Americans occasionally, but then again, I live around Taipei so there's a wider variety of people. If you would like to meet up that's no problem! You can shoot me an e-mail here:

    2. Hey!! I'm moving to Kaohsiung in 8 months too! We should totally meet up :-). Also, thanks Nicolette for this blog. Really necessary and helpful!

  3. Hey, I'm also an American who came to Taiwan, only to work first. I've been here for a year and unfortunately haven't made any connections. I'm hoping that soon change...Anyway, I'm glad to find your blog, it's relatable and inspiring. Maybe I can contact you for some advice? Hope all is well with you. Take care :)