Singapore: My General Impressions

Blue skies are the perfect background for the Marina Bay Sands hotel.
"What a fun city, but it's so...small." I thought in my hostel bunk on my last night in Singapore. 

Well, to be fair, great things can come in small sizes. Quality over quantity. You know all the bumper stickers sayings that back the little things in life. 

In terms of size, Singapore fits right in with those sayings as the core area of the city sits on a physically small area of space. But as all the David over Goliath phrases tell us, small things sure can pack a punch. I knew Singapore was a small city before, but I didn't realize that it was literally possible to visit all major districts and tourist spots in only two full days.

Night view of part of the Singapore skyline.
Visitors to the Republic of Singapore should know that it is a sovereign city-state, which means the city has its own government and therefore functions like it's own country.

In my opinion, one should not fly halfway across the world for the sole purpose of exploring Singapore. But if you you live in Asia and need a weekend getaway, or if you're planning a trip to Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, ect., Singapore is worth two days in your itinerary. It's honestly one of the best places I've been to in terms of food and history, a place where Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and imperialistic British culture collide in an amalgamation of color, taste, and expressions. The diversity of Singapore is apparent as there are four official languages: English, Chinese, Tamil, and Malay.  
Everything is forbidden in Singapore!
Afternoon tea, the English language, and corporeal punishment are all remnants of British rule still found in Singapore. Speaking of punishment, Singapore is known quite well for its extremely strict rules, which is why much of Singapore is so squeaky-clean and jaywalking is simply not a thing. Visitors needn't worry though; it you're on your best behavior and avoid spitting, chewing gum, or spreading around the smell of durian fruit, you'll be alright.  

After remembering to be on your best behavior, you can go and explore the streets of Singapore. It's cliche to say, but in Singapore there truly is something for everyone.

A shot inside the Flower Dome at the famous Gardens by the Bay.
Preferences aside, I strongly suggest hitting all the popular spots in the city, particularly the Gardens by the Bay, Chinatown, and Little India. If you have the money, you'll naturally want to make Marina Bay Sands your home base. However, if you don't have the cash to spare for five-star accommodations (like me), you'll simply have to enjoy the glorious hotel from afar as you take in Singapore's skyline, which is impressive during the day or night.  

Me peeping into a building in Chinatown. 
 A cheap, filling, utterly delicious meal in Little India. 
I think food was another highlight of my trip to Singapore. No matter your dietary preferences, you'll find something delicious to eat in the city. I enjoyed the food at a few side street hawker markets, and even made time to have breakfast at one hours before my flight out! My favorite meal was definitely in Little India. Lots of food for about $5!

If you have a chance to visit Singapore, you certainly won't regret it. The city is vibrant, and the locals have a sincere pride for their culture. 

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