Exploring the Sapporo Beer Museum

The iconic Sapporo Beer logo.
The museum entrance.
In the museum lobby
drowning in beer!
Known for it's annual snow festival, indigenous Ainu culture, and shiroi koibito(白い恋人)or "white sweetheart" cookies, the city of Sapporo is also synonymous with beer as Sapporo is the original home of the Sapporo Brewery. Hence, any visitor to the city must stop by the Sapporo Beer Museum(サッポロビール博物館).

Whether you're a beer aficionado or not (I am the former, ha!), the Sapporo Beer Museum is a great place to visit as it conveys Sapporo history from an interesting perspective. The iconic beer company not only introduced the well-known beverage to Japan, but was also a defining presence in the alcohol industry during both Japan's pre-WWII and economic miracle days. Today, the company has internationalized and is one of the most respected beer brewers in the world. In fact, it is the best-selling Asian beer in the world.