Trippin' Out at the Seoul Trickeye Museum

Although they're getting visibly old, the paintings at Trick Eye Museum Seoul are gorgeous!
When you're an adult, it's refreshing to visit places that make you feel like a kid again. I'd say the best place to do that in Seoul is the Trickeye Museum. 

"I'm a genie in a bottle~"
With locations in major cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Phuket, the Trickeye Museum features numerous brilliantly painted sets where you can take fun pictures. As the name suggests, the sets play tricks on the eye. With the use of simple props and the extension of the paintings from the wall to the floor, visitors will have a blast posing for Instagram worthy photos. 

Some of the illusions require a bit of mild contortion to pull off (i.e., crouching and laying on the floor), but mosts guests will find the majority of the exhibitions accessible to them.

Big v. small
On pointe!
Trouble in the deep seas!
Cannibal Lisa.
One criticism I do have for the Trickeye Museum is that many of the paintings are showing their ware. Some of the paint is wiping off, which I'm guessing is due to the museum's high traffic (I visited just before 10am and there were already a good number of people around).

I do hope those who are maintaining the museum make an effort to repaint the pictures soon. You can see in a number of my pictures that it does somewhat take away from the photo. 

Look how generous I am!
Pouring water with the other maidens.
There's a small ice museum in the same building at the Trickeye Museum. Before entering the Trickeye Museum, visitors have the option of either buying a single ticket for either museum or a combined ticket for both, which my friend and I got. 

If you plan on visiting the ice museum during the summer months, be sure you have something warm to throw on, it's freezing in there!

Trying to keep warm but the "fire" is made from blocks of ice!
Depending on your interests, the Trickeye Museum may or may not be a main attraction for you when you visit Seoul. However, if you have free time in your itinerary, I strongly suggest you visit. It's certainly lots of fun!

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