2016 Resolutions and Travel Goals

Angkor Wat or "Capital Temple," located in Cambodia.
I think, if we open our hearts and minds, we learn every year. In that sense, I can't say 2015 was a year of learning, but I do feel I grew exponentially within the last year. I showed myself how fierce my work ethic is, I experienced new places and things, and connected with wonderful people. At the same time, I went through situations where I was nearly inclined to give up, made a big move back to the States, and was hurt and disappointed by others. 

Throughout the year, the words of self-help power couple Marc and Angel offered me seemingly personalized encouragement. When times were less than optimal, I used their articles as a reference point for reflection and encouragement. Additionally, I collected several quotes like the one on the left to keep myself focused.

Now that I've properly reflected on 2015, I'm ready to tackle the following resolutions this year:

1. Work hard, don't wipe out. I tested myself more than even in order to complete Master's last year. Positively, I earned my degree, but I lost sight of everything else in the process. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," they say. While writing my thesis, there was a dullness to my life. This year, no matter what my endeavors may be, I don't want to loose sight of my hobbies and the things which bring color to my life.

2. Expect less from others. I think some of us expect others to be as respectful, tactful, caring, or [insert positive quality here] as we are. I'm no angel, but I honestly try my best to do right by others. In 2015 and the year before, I saw just how nasty others can be when they think you're not paying attention. Nevertheless, I was hurt by the actions of others primarily because I expected them to be better than what they showed themselves to truly be. From this year on, I will expect less emotionally from others. I'll less likely feel disappointed and hurt.

3. Don't ignore wanderlust. Clearly, travel is the main theme of my blog. As I resolve to do every year, I want to travel more this year and see new places, particularly the ones below (in no particular order).

Visit Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

The magnificent Angkor Wat.
When I was a kid, my dad got a travel book listing all the "must-see" sites in the world. As I flipped though it, for some reason Angkor Wat, the largest religious complex on the globe, is what captivated me the most. Maybe it's the intricacy of the roofing, or intrigue of the many rooms? I'm not quite sure, but Angkor Wat has been on my travel bucket list for some time now. It looks incredibly majestic in pictures, I'd love to explore the complex for three to four days at minimum. According to the people I've spoken to who've visited, Angkor Wat doesn't disappoint!

Watch a Champion's League game (Europe; preferably Germany)
German team Bayern Munich won the Champion's League
in 2013.
I don't write about football (soccer) on my blog, but it's by-far my favorite sport to watch! The next football World Cup, will take place in Russia in 2018. Nevertheless, I have my eyes set on watching a Champion's League match this year if possible. I'm not too concerned about scoring prime tickets to the finals; I think I'd be pleased to watch a Bundesliga or German league team play on their home soil, or perhaps a Premiership or English league team.

Basically, if I could watch Schalke 04 or Arsenal play in the Campion's League at any stage I'd be a happy girl.

Attend the World Happiness summer festival (Japan)

The all-girl band Scandal performing at
World Happiness 2015.
For lovers of Japanese indie and alternative music like myself, World Happiness is the festival to be at during the summer! Primarily organized by accomplished drummer and vocalist Yukihiro Takahashi, World Happiness began in 2008 and brings together some of the best in Japanese music. In the past, headliners have included Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Chara, Sakanaction, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Additionally, awesome indie acts are invited every year, and Takahashi preforms with his various awesome bands and side projects (i.e., YMO, pupa, In Phase, Metafive). Recently, Metafive has released two incredible singles, so I'd love to attend World Happiness 2016 and see them play there live!

Visit my homeland (Nigeria)

Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
I was born and raised in the States, but my parents are from Nigeria. I haven't been back "home" since 2001, but these days I've been contemplating a second trip to Lagos. As many know, Nigeria can be dangerous territory. However, if you know the right people, you can vacation there in a way most people would be highly envy of. Furthermore, I'd like to get a new wardrobe sewn, a surprisingly cheap feat to accomplish there!

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