Wangfujing's "Taiwan Great Food Street"//王府井的“台灣美食街

The night market sign with a map of Taiwan.
The night market main entrance.

I don't know who decided Wangfujing's night market should be named "Taiwan Great Food Street". The food there and Taiwanese night market fare is not that similar! Granted, Taiwan Great Food Street has some of the same food you can find in Taiwan, but most of it isn't Taiwanese-style. However, I went there in 2011, so it must have changed since then.

Kebab meat

Going to Wangfujing wasn't a field trip arranged for our class, a classmate who had been to China before led some of us there. Before I went to Wangfujing, I didn't know what to expect. Wangfujing is interesting in my opinion because people-watching is one of my hobbies. Because Wangfujing is very famous, it's a bustling place. At night, the stores are still teeming with people as they are in the daytime. 

I thought the lighting was beautiful here.
The stall signs are all very clear.

Before we went to Wangfujing, I heard weird food was sold there like starfish, cockroaches, and grasshoppers. Although Taiwan Great Food Street has those foods, there are also delicious things to eat there. I remember the sugar-coated fruit and savory wraps were tasty. There was a lot of food that looked delicious, but I didn't try them. Honestly, I was a little nervous to try the food there because while I was in China, many snacks and cheaper foods made me sick. If you aren't used to eating street food I advise you to be cautious!

The Taiwan Great Food Street is a bustling place.

Selling sugar-coated fruit candy.
It's a little sweet, but it's delicious!
I think she was selling a
type of savory wrap.

I have to say, there are several scammers at Wangfujing. The women who sold me the wrap said I didn't give her enough money although I had! I argued with her for a bit before walking away. I think a lot of Taiwan Great Food Street venders like to scam foreigners; it's a pity. Be careful when you buy things in Wangfujing and take care of your money. (But I think everyone knows to beware of thieves and scammers in any night market.)

Inside there was meat and vegetables.
My friend is a vegetarian.
If you are a vegetarian, grilled corn is a good choice. 
Takoyaki (fried squid balls, a Japanese snack popular in Taiwan).
It is often found in Taiwanese night markets.
Meat skewers and meatballs.

Wangfujing's Taiwan Great Food Street is an easy tourist attraction to enjoy. I think Taiwanese people will also like it. If you don't visit Wangfujing you can't say you've been to Beijing!

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