Huwei Fort(滬尾砲台)

Huwei Fort's entrance.
滬尾砲台(英語:Hobe Fort)是在淡水的名勝古跡之一。去這砲台很簡單,從捷運淡水站坐紅26公車到 “滬尾砲台站”;從公車站不太遠。

Huwei Fort (also known as Hobe Fort) is one of the historical landmarks of Danshui. It is easy to access; just ride the R26 bus from Danshui Station to "Huwei Fort". It's a short walk from the bus stop.

Governor Liu Ming-Chuan

During the Sino-French War (1884-1885), the Qing Dynasty government built a number of forts to strengthen Taiwan's ports. Speaking of their design, Liu Ming-chuan - the governor of Taiwan - decided German-style forts would be the best because he noticed foreign forts were stronger. In the beginning, Danshui had two forts, but one was destroyed.


Because Huwei Fort never saw battle, it looks almost the same now as it did when it was built. The walls, doors, and rooms fascinated me because they are is such great condition. I felt like I was in the 19th century! I think going to Huwei fort is like riding a time machine.

The main entrance's
The gun stand.

From the 19th century until now, Huwei Fort hasn't changed much. Naturally it's old, but you can still see the original gun stand, bricks, and doorknob.

除了看老砲台,沒有別的可以做在砲台裡面。沒關係 - 在我的看法看很老的地方很好玩!我和我爸幾次說了,“好酷!”

Aside from looking at Huwei Fort, there isn't anything else to do there, which wasn't a problem for me because I think looking at old places is fun! My dad and I kept saying, "This is so cool!"

My dad entering Huwei Fort's main entrance.
Huwei Fort has a large courtyard.
The trees in the courtyard appear quite old.
Inside there are historical displays.
From the inside looking out.
Huwei Fort is in a quiet place.
The narrow tunnel.

Huwei Fort has a very narrow tunnel, but I don't know what it's for (escaping from the enemy?) My dad and I don't like narrow places, but we entered the tunnel anyway! Although being inside the tunnel was scary for us, we though it was a lot of fun.


If you're in Danshui and want to escape from the noisiness in the Old Street area you should definitely visit Huwei Fort. It's fee to enter, and it's interesting!

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