Tokyo Station Character Street

The sign above one of the entrances to the basement
of Tokyo Station.
As I went just before
Valentines's Day, there were
lots of heart-themed goodies
at the Nameko Store.
Do you want to buy everything you can possibly imagine with your favorite Japanese characters on them, but don't have time to run around to different stores in Tokyo to score some goods? No problem - just go to First Avenue Tokyo Station's Character Street! 

Mini Doraemon cakes. 
Currently, there are a total of 26 specialty stores on Character Street, each representing a different character or set of characters including Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Anpanman, Rilakkuma, Pokemon, and Studio Ghibi. From snacks to kitchenware to hair accessories, you can find almost anything on Character Street.

However, Character Street can be slightly difficult to find! In order to get there, after arriving at Tokyo Station, you'll need to head toward Yaesu North Exit. Take the exit and go to B1 using either the stairs of elevator. From there, follow the signs and you should arrive at Character Street 8-10 minutes after getting off the train depending on the time you go. If you do get lost (like I did the second time I went there, funnily enough), you can also ask one of the guides at the station and they will give you directions.

Here are some of my thoughts on a few Character Street stores:

Rilakkuma Store: It's huge (in comparison to several of the other Character Street stores, that is) and has almost every item you can think of at reasonable prices, including Tokyo Station-only items.

Donguri Garden: This store is a great consolation if you don't have the opportunity to go visit the Ghibi Museum as many Studio Ghibi items are sold there.

Hello Kitty Store: The Tokyo Station HK Store is actually quite small; there are larger - and in my opinion better - HK stores in the city, like the one in Ikebukuro. Nonetheless, this store has Tokyo Station exclusive items!

Pokemon Store: I have the same sentiments about the Tokyo Station Pokemon Store as the HK Store; I think Pokemon fans would be more pleased with the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuru. However, there might be some Tokyo Station exclusive items that I didn't notice.

Tokyo Character Street has so much eye-candy; therefore, I decided to record my experience there rather than take photos. I went to every store on character street, and I believe I managed to get footage at 14 of them. Enjoy!

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