In Pictures: Kaohsiung's interesting buildings

There is a lot of interesting architecture in Kaohsiung. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them all, but here are some photos of the famous Tuntex Tower (378m, 85 floors), which used to be the tallest building in Taiwan (it lost to the famous one in Taipei, you know), an interesting building down the street from Tuntex Tower (if you know the name, I'll be grateful if you tell me!), Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, and Holy Rosary Cathedral.

Tuntex Tower, shaded by a tree.

This banner was on the tower when I visited,
Kaohsiung's famous mayor Chen Chu wishing the
city a happy Lunar New Year.
Tuntex Tower from Kaohsiung Harbor.
The "mystery" building, haha
Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
Me across from the center.
Holy Rosary Cathedral which is close to the
Love River.

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