Ximending (西門町): Where the cool kids go

Ximending is all about bright lights and crowds.
Still daylight, just getting started.
You need two things to fit in at Ximending (西門町): an edgy outfit and some swagger. What if you only have one or the other, or neither? That's okay, you might not be one of the cool kids, but at least you could come to Ximending and enjoy the atmosphere. It's a place not unlike Harajuku (原宿) in Tokyo, Japan. There are many unique shops and resturants as well as seedier areas which give Ximending a slightly gritty charm. Come to Ximending with an open mind and no objective; you'll be sure to find or see something interesting and leave without disappointment.

The bustling exit 6.
If you want to be ejected right into the thick of things, the best way to get to Ximending is to take the MRT to Ximen station and leave through exit 6. Or, you can begin your evening with a little shopping and food at Shilin Night Market then take bus 250 from Jiantan Station to Ximending. Either way, you will end up in a prime position to start your stroll through this interesting section of town.


In Pictures: Kaohsiung's interesting buildings

There is a lot of interesting architecture in Kaohsiung. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them all, but here are some photos of the famous Tuntex Tower (378m, 85 floors), which used to be the tallest building in Taiwan (it lost to the famous one in Taipei, you know), an interesting building down the street from Tuntex Tower (if you know the name, I'll be grateful if you tell me!), Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, and Holy Rosary Cathedral.

Tuntex Tower, shaded by a tree.