Blasian Cooking: Spicy stew noodles

山東大麵 (Large Shandong noodles) are
perfect with stew.
I think anyone living abroad for a long period of time begins to miss the comforts of home, whether it be shopping at certain stores, sleeping in your old bed, or eating certain foods.  For me, food is the only thing I really miss about home, aside from my family and friends of course.  Don't get me wrong; I love the food in Taiwan, and I eat pretty much everything and anything (stinky tofu, pig's blood, etc.)  It's not American food I miss as I don't typically eat fast food.   It's Nigerian food I crave.  Rice and stew, dodo (fried plantain), egusi soup (soup made with melon seeds)...the list goes on!

Luckily, I had the luxury of having my dad visit me last month.  Naturally, I was happy to see him, but I was also ecstatic about mom's cooking him, frozen and wrapped tightly so it would be safe during the 24+ hour journey.  Of particular note was the peppery, Nigerian tomato stew.  Why?  Because it goes amazingly well with noodles!