In pictures: Formosa Boulevard Station//美麗島站

Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung was opened in 2008.  It's very well known because of the Dome of Light in the middle of the station which was designed by Narcissus Quagliata.  Honestly, I think it looks just okay in person, but if you want to take pictures of it, you're very likely to pass through the station if you visit Kaohsiung!


Tiger Hill & The Humble Administrator's Garden

Two of the most popular places in Suzhou I visited during my 2011 class trip to China were the Humble Administrator's Garden (拙政 園) and Tiger Hill (虎丘).  Out of the two locations, I think I liked Tiger Hill more mainly because the pagoda there was gorgeous, but both are very scenic and popular spots worth visit.

At Tiger Hill.
Close to the Humble Administrator's Garden.


I am now 24! (+National Palace Museum & restaurant review)

Taking pictures of the yummies
before tucking in!
It seems like only yesterday when I celebrated my first birthday away from home, but my 24th birthday has already come and gone!  I'm lucky this year because I got to spend it with my dad; it was great to enjoy the day with a familiar face.  Lately, I've been subconsciously comparing my life with others which has blinded me to the fact that I'm doing quite well.  My goal is to keep that in mind, and keep working diligently in the years to come!

Anyway, I had a chill day checking out the National Palace Museum and then eating some awesome dim sum at Brother Hotel.


Lunar New Year 2014

A common sign placed in
front of businesses closed
during the new year.
A few days ago (January 31st) marked the beginning of the new year - the year of the horse!  Last year was my first new year here, and as I explained, it was a bit of a shock to the system for a few reasons.  But this year, I'm used to the stores being closed and all the chaos associated with preparations for the festivities.  I planned well and ran my errands at the bank and post offices before the government offices closed, yet I had to make a couple of killer trips to the grocery store right before the holidays started which meant pushing through crowds and not being able to buy certain things that were sold out.  But now, Taipei is relatively quiet and I'm enjoying it!  It's nice to ride the bus or walk down the street without there being too much of a crowd in places that are usually jammed with traffic.

New years items on sale at Carrefour.