Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is probably the most famous night market in Taipei - if not Taiwan - and is frequented by many tourists.  However, it is not a tourist trap.  Well, at least the outdoor portion of it (which has the better food) isn't.  There's a huge variety of snacks to try at Shilin Night Market, and the kinds of food there seems to expand every time I go.

The view from Jiantian Station on a sunny day.
Shilin Night Market is also awesome because it's quite easy to access. Simply go to Jiantian Station on the red line and take exit 2.  Then, walk straight and cross left at the first intersection you hit. Then bam! - you're there.  It's a large market, so I suggest wandering without any sort of agenda.

A cute sign warning people not to park
in front of the door.

A quiet alley, which is a rarity in
the Shilin Night Market area.
The covered section of the night market.
I don't think it's as exciting as the outdoor portion...
Every time I pass by, this Japanese bakery is packed.
It seems very popular, but I've never tried
anything from there.
A shot of the outdoor sections.
Busy as usual.
I really like these buns (40NT each), and I usually buy one and eat it the next day.
You have to be careful though since they're oily and the
oil might squirt on your face if you don't bite it carefully!
Below are a couple photos from the famous fried chicken cutlet stall!  There are two locations in the night market, one stall and a covered restaurant without seating close to the covered section of the market.  I prefer the stand-alone stall more, although I don't know why.  Maybe the covered one is too formal for my tastes?  Not sure.  It could be because the outdoor stall is located near another popular stall which sells delicious Indian wraps.

The outdoor stall.
Each fried chicken cutlet is 55NT.
I always get it very spicy.
Ladu, the popular Indian wrap stall.
Most of the wraps are 60NT.
A wrap.
I think I was so eager to eat it that I didn't
photograph the inside!
Pudding flavor.
Radioactive colored passion fruit
The outdoor chicken cutlet stall is also near Xin Fa Ting (which I've posted about before here). Xin Fa Ting sells shaved snow, a type of shaved ice treat.  Unfortunately, it's usually packed.  Yes, even during the winter.  If the weather is cold, they simply turn up the heater so you can enjoy your shaved ice!  If it's busy, you might have to share a table with strangers, which can be slightly awkward, but hey, it's worth it.  There are several flavors to choose from and the price is reasonable.  My personal favorites are: green tea and red bean (#1 for me!), peanut, coffee (although I don't really like coffee...it tastes good though!), mango (seasonal), and chocolate.

All in all, Shilin Night Market can't be ignored if you happen to be in Taipei and love to eat like I do. Here's a tip: find the lady who sells mochi (麻糬) out of her mobile cart for 50NT a box and buy some.  She makes the best I've had in Taiwan. :)

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