Concert Review: Clazziquai (live @ Legacy Taipei - Da'an 大安)

Due to a thing called life, I haven't gotten to see many concerts here in Taiwan.  A lot of my favorite bands and singers have come to Taiwan over the past few months, and but I had to pass up a lot of shows.  However, when I was told Clazziquai was coming, I had to make time to go!

Clazziquai are DJ Clazzi (programmer); Horan (vocals), and Alex (vocals)

I've known of Clazziquai for awhile, especially because of their collaborations with two other groups that I like, Epik High ("Honjarado [Alone]") and m-flo ("Love Me After 12am"; "Love Mode").  Nonetheless, for some reason I didn't really start listening to them until last year.  I fell in love with them instantly.  Clazziquai's music is easy listening, and it's diffiult to resist Alex and Horan's vocals (which I think are some of the best in K-pop).  I think Clazziquai sounds like elevator music "done right".  In other words, it's soothing and other worldly, thanks in part to DJ Clazzi's expert mixing.

After a great lunch at Boite de Bijou, my friends and I made our way to the concert venue.  I definitely think the gods were on our side.  The doors were to open at 6:30 p.m. and we got there just before 5.  It was perfect timing, we got to stand right at the front.

The screen right before the show got underway.
You know, I was slightly apprehensive about the concert.  Clazziquai are known for their amazing singing ability, but I was afraid that it wouldn't translate well live.  Nonetheless, once they came on stage and launched into "Middle of Life"...let's just say I was completely blown away.

They looked great in their outfits!
Alex looked sharp and Horan's curves looked great in that dress.
It was awesome to see them come out on stage with such energy.  Alex projected charisma and Horan was lively as well and gorgeous in person.  DJ Clazzi was definitely the most mellow of the trio, but he smiled a lot to himself as he jammed on his keyboard, so it was clear that he was enjoying himself as well.  Their band had character too, the drummer was going crazy in his corner!

Horan's solo.
Singing "Last Tango"
I don't remember at all what the exact set list was.  I was too busy drowning in the music and dancing that I wasn't paying much attention to that!  I do know they played a little over 20 songs ranging across their five albums, including a couple from their latest album.  It felt like several songs came from Love Child of the Century, perhaps because it contains a lot of fan-favorites.

If there's anything that I disliked about the concert, it would have to be the other concert go-ers.  A lot of the attendees didn't make an effort to respond to Clazziquai's energy, and many of them remained almost completely stationary during the dynamic performance.  It seemed like Clazziquai noticed their lack of enthusiasm as well; Alex implied a few times that the crowd should dance more, and even asked if the people in the back were awake!  There were some people in the middle that responded well though.  Oh well, others' reluctance to dance didn't stop me from getting down. Horan gave my friends and I a thumbs-up! I was starstruck!

Alex and Horan acting silly in an attempt to get a response
from the nearly-comatose crowd.
After about an hour and 20 min. Clazziquai left the stage.  Naturally though, they reappeared soon for an explosive encore.  Seriously, the encore amazingly powerful, even more so than the main show.  They did about five more songs for the encore, including a high-energy version on "Stepping Out".  Then Alex removed his shirt and the world stood still!

Alex and his muscles!
I didn't realize he was so fit.
The encore lasted for about 30 min., then things sadly came to an end.  Clazziquai and their band thanked the crowd graciously before exiting.  Soon afterward, we were told we had to leave as well. There was an autograph session in the venue, but my friends and I didn't know about it until it was too late to get a ticket (which cost NT200, about $6.70).  But it was okay because we waited about an hour after the show and got to meet Clazziquai face-to-face when they left through the back of the venue!  DJ Clazzi gave us a nod, Horan thanked us for coming, and Alex said we were great!  Of course, since we looked different from everyone else, he remembered us!  I was pretty star-struck.

In the end, this concert was probably the best one I've been to full-stop.  It was amazing, and even now, two days later, I'm still thinking about Clazziquai's performance.  If they come to Taiwan again, I will definitely go and see them.

One word: Daebak! (Awesome!)

Rating - 5/5


  1. Totally agree with what you said about the drummer! But I didn't know that there were so many people not responding. My friends and I were in the middle, and everyone just seemed crazy there, haha!

    1. I loved that guy!

      I think the inactive people were mainly way in the back. The middle and front were great, aside from some people who were lucky enough to get spots right in the front but weren't dancing at all. Such a great show, it's cool that you were there and made it to my blog, haha.

  2. I'm slow to find you... anyway! I used to love Clazziquai, until my computer decided to self-destruct and lose all my music. Thanks for this!

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