The Peak

The tracks of the peak tram at the beginning.
The view from the tram
Look at all those high-rise apartments!
One of the most popular attraction is Hong Kong is The Peak (aka Victoria Peak or 太平山). There are several ways to get to the top of The Peak, yet the most popular method is by Peak Tram. You can walk from various parts of the city or take several buses to the Peak Tram which is located not far from Central Station, but my dad and I rode the Mid-Levels Escalator to the end, then followed the clear signs which point all the way to the Peak Tram area.

As The Peak is so popular, the line for the Peak Tram ride is extremely long. Hundreds of people wait to get into the two-car train, and each train only holds about 120 people if I remember correctly. Nonetheless, the line moves relatively fast; I believe it only took us 30 to 45 minutes to get a spot on the tram.

Inside the tram, everyone packed in all cozy.
The Peak is home to high-cost real estate, but of course, the shopping and parks attract the tourists. There are two large malls at The Peak, and when you get off the tram, you arrive in the bowl-shaped one.

The bowl-shaped mall which houses random
touristy goods shops, a Madam Tussands wax museum,
and an observation deck.
The second mall which houses mainly name-brand shops.
The busy courtyard between the malls.
The view of the Peak area.
My dad and I decided to go to the observation area in the bowl-mall because it wasn't particularly expensive to go, especially since we had Octopus transportation cards (which I suggest everyone get when visiting Hong Kong because you can return them at the airport before you leave and get all the money on it back.  Also, the Peak Tram tickets are more expensive than using the Octopus card).
Aside from shopping, there are nature trails at The Peak. We walked on the one leading to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, but didn't go all the way down to the lake because my old man was tired!

The trail is heavily wooded but appeared safe.
We spent most of our time at The Peak shopping, and decided it would be better to take a bus back down to the Central Station. In my opinion, taking the bus down is the best option since it's cheaper and easily accessible. The bus stop is beside the second mall.

The Peak at night!
(Please excuse the blurriness, I took it out of a window).


  1. Hey, this is dreamstrifer from LJ, and I found this blog again, and I saw that you went to the Peak and it made me super excited. :D I loved Hong Kong and I went to the Peak twice, so that was really cool. I hope you had a good time in HK. :D Off to read more of your blog!

    1. Hey, nice to see you here!

      I think if I go to HK, I'd go back to the Peak to walk the nature trails. I did have an awesome time there, even though the city is ridiculously fast-paced! @_@