The Great Wall of China

So. Many. People!
Part of the crowd up close.
A trip to China is not complete without visiting one of the sections of the Great Wall of China.  So, when I went to China, my classmates and I took a day trip to the most popular wall in the world!  Aside from the obscene heat and hoards of people there, it was definitely a positive experience.

The Badaling section of the Great Wall is one of the more popular portions.  It's a little over an hour away from Beijing.  Our school arranged for a bus to take us, but there are many public and tour buses shuttling people to the Great Wall.

Two pieces of advice I would give anyone who'd like to visit the Great Wall is to go with patience and be fit when you visit!  There are a lot of people on the wall, especially during on a summer weekend. But the farther you go from the main entrance, the less people there are.  Well, you'll only get far if you have the stamina.  Parts of the wall are so steep you'll almost be on all fours trying to go up.  Nonetheless, it certainly was fun; I'd really love to visit again.


A man playing a flute.
Awesomely random.
People doing tai chi right there on the wall!
Taken from a steep point, yet there are steeper areas.

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