I am now 23! (+cafe review)

Drinking my favorite Imperial Earl Grey tea
on my birthday.
As February 7th was my birthday! For some reason, I feel much older than one a turned 22, maybe since this is the first birthday I have celebrated away from home. Also, I now feel like I have more responsibilities and have matured. Mainly, I'm grateful to be alive because many do not live to see 23.

I treat my birthday like New Year's day in that I always make new goals for myself. So here are three things I'd like to accomplish before 24:

1. Be more responsible 

2. Be happy with myself

3. Be proactive and achieve something big

Recently, I've been talking about dreams with many friends, and I feel it's time to develop a feasible long term dream and life goal for myself. Those are things which encourage me to stay motivated. 

Anyways, philosophical discussions aside, I had an amazing birthday. I was completely blindsided with a surprise from my friends. I was dragged from station-to-station, MRT line-to-MRT line without a clue as to where I was being taken! But soon the surprise was revealed: afternoon tea at a beautiful French cafe, Boite de Bijou in Da'an (大安) district.

Their cute napkins!
My friends are French, and according to them
it should be "a" instead of "de"!
Taiwanese people have mastered the "cafe" concept. Every cafe in Taiwan has a special feeling to it an specific style.  Boite de Bijou specializes in French pastries, and they are amazing at what they do. My French friends even approve, and I think that says a lot.
See how cool the teapots are?
What an awesome set up!
My Imperial Earl Grey tea
(NT 230, but I was treated)!
Before I blew out the candles.
My friends are good at keeping secrets! I selected the cake I wanted, but I didn't know it was coming with candles! Apparently, the waiter was in on everything as well. I was shocked and touched.

Without the candles.  I tried all three but I
selected the cake in the center:
Mascarpone mousse and maple syrup, yum!

The bread and cookies in the cafe.
Everything is baked in-house and the team is led by a French baker.
The cakes all lined up and at attention!
More treats.
The bread (NT 65) and mandolin cookies (NT 45 each)
I bought and took home.
After tea at the cafe and hours of lively chit-chat, we went to California Pizza Kitchen in Xinyi (信義) district. It was our second time there, but I enjoyed the first time more, mostly because it was less busy during our first visit. However, the pizza and service was great as usual! We even got the same kind, adorable server.

BBQ pizza at the far right, Sicilian pizza on the left,
and half mixed veggie, half the Works (mine) in the foreground.
Our dessert pizza, red wine apple with cinnamon.
It was just okay.
I had a very eventful birthday full of yummy treats!  I also received some awesome gifts:

A copy of American Psycho, TOP mini photos,
and an adorable alpaca buddy! My gifts were wrapped in
orange cat paper. My favorite color + favorite animal!
I put one of the TOP pictures on my laptop,
it goes well with my keyboard cover
(TOP is also on my desktop.  Nope, I am not a fangirl!)
I also bought these cute creepers, partially funded by my friend!
A couple of my cards.  The messages inside brought me to tears!
(That is very hard to do)!
Thanks to those who wished my a happy birthday!  I look forward to the years to come! 

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