Shaved Ice @ Raohe Night Market

The shop is spacious, even on a busy day.
Since moving to Taiwan, I've developed an affinity toward shaved ice. Previously, I compared two popular shaved ice locations, Xin Fa Ting and Tai Yi Milk King. Since discovering those two, I've become fond of a third location at Raohe Night Market in Songshan (松山).

Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of this night market shaved ice spot, but it is the only one on the main avenue of the night market. Raohe Night Market is centered around two pedestrian lanes; the shaved ice shop is clearly marked on the right side of the left main street; it will be on your right if you enter the night market from the quieter, rear entrance.

Peanut & Oreo shaved ice with chocolate sauce
and sprinkles on top.
I think this place is worth discussing because the ice tastes wonderful and, more importantly, it's cheap! There are many interesting cool flavors you aren't likely to find at other shaved ice shops, including Xin Fa Ting and Tai Yi Milk King. It seems their "specialty" is flavors with Oreo cookies; there were about three combinations including them. The peanut and Oreo combo was especially divine!

I would describe the consistency of the ice as close to Xin Fa Ting's, but not nearly as fine. Still, it was good and melts easily in your mouth. The portions are also big. But, like Xin Fa Ting, many of the fruit flavors were unavailable as they weren't in season, especially the mango flavors.

A shot of the menu.
Tasty + Cheap = my kinda place!
The ice here is cheap. Most flavors are 50NT-60NT ($1.72-$2.06). Naturally, the flavors with fruits are more pricy at 90NT-110NT ($3.10-$3.79). All in all, if you ever take a stroll through Raohe Night Market, make sure you have some shaved ice at this place, it's wonderful!

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