Bike ride through Danshui and Bali Township

Recently, I had the chance to rent a bike and take a ride through Danshui and the small township of Bali (八里), located directly across the river from Danshui. It was a beautiful day when I went, around 80F, not at all winter weather! But I wasn't complaining; I had sunshine on my skin, a smile on my face, and wonderful friends which accompanied me.

Taken from Danshui, that's Bali on the other side

We rented our bikes from a shop near MRT Danshui Station. To rent the bike all day (until 8 pm), it's 100NT. But, we got a 20% discount and paid 80NT since we're students. That's only about $2.75! 

One of the most awesome things about the rental place is the variety of bikes there offered: mountain bikes, casual riding bikes, tandem bikes...anyone, even those with pets or kids, could rent the perfect bike for their needs.  It didn't take us long to pay for the rental, adjust our bikes, and take off.

It was a perfect day, and I managed to take many pictures as I rode my bike, so I'll let them speak for themselves.
A cute bird who was enjoying the weather too.
The Hongshulin 紅樹林 area of Danshui.
We took a detour on the bike trail and got
on these wooden bridges.
Bali off in the distance.
The sun, which is rare here in the winter.
Guangdu Bridge joint Danshui and Bali.
If you get caught not walking your bike up you will have to pay a fine.
A nice view of the Guandu Bridge.
Fishermen taking a rest.
A little dolphin-shaped building with a roof shaped like a boat.
Confused? So was I, I have no clue what this building is for. 
Along the coast on the Bali side.
The busier, touristy side of Bali. 
People strolling and eating.
We ate at this small restaurant. It sold many local favorites like
ah gei (啊給) and oyster pancakes (hezijian, 蚵仔煎).
Beached boats with Danshui in the background.
The sun setting behind Bali Cultural Center.
Going back home!
Guangdu Bridge at nighttime. 
Light at night in Bali.
We ended the day with a nice drink at a cafe in Danshui.
This was grape juice with a salty foam on top, very interesting.
Biking around Taipei is easy and cheap. In addition, it's a relaxing activity and a unique way to take in the scenery. I'd definitely recommend it to everyone!

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