Concert Review: my little airport (live at The Wall - Gongguan 公館)

my little airport is nicole (vocals, piano) and
啊p (Ah P) (vocals, piano, guitar).
(Photo from their Facebook page)
Last summer, a friend of mine introduced me to an indie band from Hong Kong called my little airport

I've liked Cantonese music for a while, so I was excited to listen to their songs and was pleasantly surprised by their sound. Their lyrics are a mix between quirky and serious, especially seen through some of their song titles like "gigi leung is dead", "I don't know how to download good av like iris does", "donald tsang please die".

(You can read more about Gigi Leung and Donald Tseng  here and here, respectively.)

Nope, this was not the concert ticket,
it was the flyer, adorably shaped
like a plane ticket!

The concert poster

They clearly put a lot of thought into their music no matter what the tone or language (Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French, or a mixture of two or three) is. So, when I moved to Taiwan and discovered they'd be playing in Taipei, I knew I had to see them!


Getting to Taiwan - The Worst Flights Ever

I looked so enthusiastic about traveling, right?
You know, I've been on many flights to several places over the years.  To Beijing, London, San Francisco, Chicago.  Some were long, some were turbulent, some were delayed for hours and hours (like my flight to New York three years ago).  But none of them - not one of them - were as torturous as my flights to Taiwan!